Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Deciding to not live alone

I was really excited about living alone this year.  Because I've spent the last six years living in campus housing, I've either lived with roommates or in a dorm.  I loved having roommates but I was excited that I would get to experience living in an apartment by myself before getting married next year. 

Well, it's been a month and I've decided that I hate living alone.  I hated coming home and having no one to talk to or to watch movies with.  It was very lonely.

So, I adopted a cat.

This is Skeena.  I adopted her from the local SPCA.  She's a year and a half years old, and is very calm and docile. 

I did check with Russ before adopting her, to make sure he was okay with me adopting a cat that he isn't going to meet for a couple of months.  I am so glad that he was okay with it, because I adore her.   It's going to be a pain to take her home next year.  In order to get a cat through customs, you have to have her cleared with a vet and have documentation on her shots and things.  And carry her onto the plane.  Hopefully the local vet will advise me on the easiest way and best way to do that.  

My favorite part of the day is now coming home and crocheting on the couch while Skeena sleeps next to me.

So far she hasn't even attacked my yarn!  I don't think that will last, because she's a pretty typical cat. 

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