Friday, September 28, 2012

Is This a Trail?

When I first started thinking about coming up to Canada, I looked up where my residence would be.  And lo and behold!  Google maps showed that my apartment was only separated by the water by a thin strip of land.  So I figured that it would only be a short walk from my door to the water front. 

So today, since the sun was shinning, I decided to go exploring.  I noticed shortly after arriving here that there is a trail by my apartment, so I decided to go down that to see how far I could go. 

At first, it was a pretty easy trail, even if the old, broken "dead end" sign was a bit troublesome.  But I continued on.

The old forest is very pretty to walk through.  The part of British Columbia that I live in is actually a rainforest. 

There are all sorts of interesting looking fungi growing.  And the ground is very wet and spongy. 

As I continued on down the path, I started to suspect that I wasn't actually on a trail but a creek bed.  At times I was actually in water.  It was starting to become clear that this wasn't a good idea.  

 I was walking downhill, in a creek, on very slippery rocks.  My tennis shoes were wet and muddy.  I started to visualize myself slipping and hitting my head.  No on knew where I was or that I was planning on going down this "trail."  No on would even think to look for me until tomorrow afternoon. 

So as I was starting to panic, I continued down the creek bed, hoping that I wouldn't slip and fall.  And soon, I started to hear traffic.  Traffic?  I had pictured just some wild waterfront.  Was I even going in the right direction? 

Turns out that the waterfront that I live by is the yacht club!


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