Monday, August 6, 2012

Those Lazy Summer Days

A barn near my parent's home, early summer
I have been spending my summer with my parents in Iowa.  Because this is probably my very last summer vacation, I decided against looking for gainful employment and instead am spending my days preparing for my Canadian internship (applying for a student visa, doing research on the area, buying plane tickets), wedding planning, and crocheting.  Several of my cousins are expecting babies, so I've been creating small stuffed animals, hats, and blankets. 

A mosaic of my summer projects
My parents are renovating the two bathrooms this summer (starting with the guest bathroom that I usually use).  Because my dad has decided to do it all himself, without contractors, I've been little help.  Each step of the process has been well researched by my dad, and then tried several times before he is happy with the result.  So the first bathroom, which was originally going to be nearly completed when I moved home at the end of May, is only half-way done - but it is turning out more beautiful than any of us expected.  

The bathroom in progress
 One of my favorite things about coming home to my parents is the creative energy.  My dad is a stain glass artist who has recently began to experiment with fused glass with my mom.  Earlier this summer I saw a blog post about tinting your own mason jars.  Knowing that my parents could then put these jars into their kiln and melt them into wall hangings, we tried it ourselves.  Because of the mid-west drought/heat wave, we haven't melted them yet (the kiln puts off a lot of heat). 

The jars waiting to go into the oven to dry the food coloring/glue mixture

My absolute FAVORITE thing this summer has been visiting Russ.  He also went to stay with his parents this summer on the east coast.  I went for about a week and had a blast. We got so much wedding planning done!  We registered for wedding gifts, found wedding bands, and I got to be crafty with Russ' mom.  She has offered to make my wedding dress, so one day Russ drove us to the city where they had a whole street of fabric stores.  I really wish I was better at sewing.  Stores and stores of beautiful fabric, buttons, and more!

All the stores were overcrowded with the fabric
A wall of buttons

But eventually, I had to return home to the heat of the mid-west drought.  All our grass is brittle and brown. 

 It finally rained about a quarter of an inch yesterday for the first time since early June and the heatwave seems to have broken.  Iowa crops need about an inch a week to thrive, so we are in desperate need of more rain.  The corn and bean fields have never looked sadder. 

I am looking forward to starting packing next week for my internship.  My internship town has rain all the time, so the rain that I have missed this summer will be made up for me soon.

To my classmates who have already started their internships:  God bless you.  May you find welcoming hearts as you meet new people.  

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